• Repair service for security doors
Clear Breeze Security Doors also accept repairing jobs. They can manage replacement of the handles or cylinders if in case you accidentally lost or broke the keys. Aside from that, their technicians are also trained how to re-hinge or resize the security doors and etc.

  • Clear Breeze Security Doors

    Clear Breeze Security Doors

    Security screen doors and window grilles will protect you from unwanted insects, increase air flow through out your house and increasing the security to your home. Our security doors are made from aluminium and this prevents them from rusting and they are made to last for homes around Melbourne.

    • Replacement of security doors dead lock with snib
    • Repair service also available for security doors
    • Sliding aluminium windows and push locks
    • Patio security bolts for sliding doors
    • Variety of colours in window locks
    • Aluminium Security Screen Doors
    • Steel Security Screen Doors
    • Dead locks with latch & bolt
    • Window winders with locks
    • Standard window winders
    • Fly Screen Mesh