Window Roller Shutters

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  1. New Compact smaller pelmet
  2. New 13 colorbond colours to
  3. New Matt smooth paint finish
  4. New Slim design aluminium shutter
  5. Superior fit and finish  

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Slimline roller shutters provide premium features for your property without compromising design or functionality. You can manage the security, temperature and noise of your property with the push of a button.

slimline roller shutters are made from strong interlocking aluminium slats which are coated in durable enamel for long-lasting appeal. The shutters quickly create attractive safety barriers out of ordinary entry points.

A Roller Shutter is an exterior window furnishing placed on your home or business
That  don’t just offer security and privacy but also insulation, by minimizing the amount of hot or cool temperatures that are able to pass through your glass windows. This feature  effectively helps you save money on your energy bills during severe summers and winters.

However, Roller Shutters can do more than just minimize unwanted temperatures they can also drown out unwanted exterior noises such as night time traffic or loud neighbours! Additionally, Roller Shutters also have the ability to be more than just a window furnishing and can also be placed on your home or office balcony, garage, door, alfresco, veranda, shop areas or any other place that you may desire!


What if you can keep your home warm during the harsh winter or cool during the hot months? What if you could also lower those energy bills and maximize home security? What if you could block the noise out and get your privacy back? All of this and still make your home look the best in the street?

Slimline Roller Shutters are made to last against the unpredictable Australian conditions and yet give you the quality and look.

Some extra benefits you will receive from our slimline Roller Shutters

  • Improved internal and external style of your property
  • Minimises Glare and harsh light
  • Improves protection against inclement weather
  • Minimises furniture damage by harsh sunlight