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Clear Breeze Security Doors Melbourne

Clear Breeze Security Doors is based in Melbourne. Business operations consist of Sales & Installation of security doors.

Security screen doors and window grilles will protect you from unwanted insects, increase air flow through out your house and increasing the security to your home.

The best part is you can get a free quote simply by going online, or Clear Breeze will come to you and provide accurate measuring and a free quote on site.

Clear Breeze also specializes in locks and accessories for security doors, sliding aluminum windows, fly mesh, window winders.

Clear Breeze offers a variety of locks, from three point security dead locks and patio bolts for siding doors, to locks for window winders and latch and bolt dead locks. Limited visibility mesh is also an option, and we offer repair services available for your existing security doors.

Clear Breeze accepts a variety of payment methods, from direct bank transfer and credit card payments through PayPal. Approved applicants also can opt for financing, and payments are made easy.

Go online or call today for a free estimate or email Tony with your measurements and desired security door product number.

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Warranty: All security doors, hardware and products come with 12 months warranty from the date of purchase on the invoice. Warranty applies to defective products only and not house movement.

Melbourne’s Choice 

Security doors from Clear Breeze are excellent choices for either windows, doors, or side lights, for the security and durability. You can get a free quote online 

Security screen doors provide a cost effective way to keep your home save and protected while enjoying natural air conditioning and ventilation. Additionally, these doors are very durable, despite being lightweight. There are many different styles and options for design, they can add appeal to your home in both aesthetic and functionality.

Why Choose Clear Breeze to Secure Your Home?

Type of security door

Once you know what type of security door you want, you can start focusing on design options. Door frames from Clear Breeze Security Doors are available in a variety of colours, and can even be powder coated in a wood grain finish.

Different Styles

Clear Breeze has many different styles to choose from. The colonial style is available in a wide assortment of colours which you can coordinate to match your door frame.


A quality three point locking system is recommended for all security screen doors. Clear Breeze not only sells, but also repairs locks for existing security screen doors. Clear Breeze will help you determine which lock is right for the style of door you have.


You can even choose between two types of material: stainless steel mesh or perforated aluminum mesh.


In addition to security screen doors, Clear Breeze also sells locks and other accessories for their doors, sliding aluminum windows locks, fly mesh, and window winders.

Steel Mesh

The stainless steel mesh is ideal for entryways, sidelights and windows, and since no grille is needed, it can even be used for enclosures. The mesh is available in black, while door frames have a wide colour range.

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