Clear Breeze Hi Strength Privacy Aluminium Mesh

Clear Breeze Privacy*

  • No grille is needed.
  • Hi strength privacy mesh
  • The mesh comes in black.
  • Ideal for entry doors, side lights
  • Door frame comes in assorted colours*
  • Perfect for entry door ways without the obstruction of grilles.

Clear Breeze Hi-Strength Privacy Aluminum Mesh

Time and circumstances come when it becomes necessary to ensure the privacy and safety of your home or office. To solve your problem, Clear Breeze offers Privacy Mesh Security Door. The best part of the door is that they ensure you can see outside and prevents the field of vision for those looking in. The doors come with black high strength privacy aluminium mesh and no grill needed. It is incredibly perfect for entrance doors as they don’t have obstruction of grills. The frame of doors comes in various colors.


Privacy Mesh Up Close View

Images Display:
Clear Breeze Privacy Mesh Close Up Standing Outside The Door Looking In.

Clear Breeze Privacy Mesh Close Up Standing Inside The House Looking Out.

Clear Breeze Privacy Mesh Close Up