Clear Breeze Perforated *

No grille is needed.
The mesh comes in black.
Door frame comes in assorted colours*
Hi strength aluminium perforated mesh

Perfect for entry door ways without the obstruction of grilles.
Ideal for entry doors, side lights & sliding screen doors over 950mm wide.



NOTE: Our other security doors selection range are Clear Breeze Stainless Steel, Clear Breeze Steel, & Clear Breeze Privacy with triple lock, triple hinges & aluminium or steel frame. Triple Lock is optional.


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CB: 9 Stacker Sliders Perforated Black Mesh Door 900mm Each Screen Door wide Angle View In Woodland Grey Colour
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Clear Breeze Perforated Mesh Security Door Slider

Clear Breeze Perforated Mesh Stacker Sliders.

Clear Breeze Perforated Mesh 2mm Thick
Clear Breeze Perforated Mesh Close Up