Clear Breeze

Perforated Aluminium Mesh

Clear Breeze offers quality security screen doors made of aluminum, which makes the doors resistant to rust. The aluminum mesh provides excellent circulation of the air and natural flow from outside. In addition to perforated aluminum mesh.

Clear Breeze Perforated

Clear Breeze Perforated Aluminum Mesh door comes with black high strength perforated aluminium mesh and sidelights & sliding screen doors over 950mm wide. and no grill needed. It is incredibly perfect for entrance doors as they don’t have obstruction of grills. The frame of doors comes in variegated colors


NOTE: Our other security doors selection range are Clear Breeze Stainless SteelClear Breeze Steel, & Clear Breeze Privacy with three point locking system, three hinges & aluminium or steel frame. Clear Breeze Doors does recommend the three point locking system installed for greater security, Triple Lock is optional.

Perforated Mesh Close Up View

Images Displaying Double Stacker Sliders & Close Up Image of Perforated Mesh

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