Clear Breeze

Standard Diamond Grilles

Security Doors Colour Standard Diamond Grilles are not security doors. They are our entry level selection of doors.

Standard diamond screen doors

These are ideal for basic functionality as barrier doors and circulating air flow through out your home they do come fitted with a screen door lock.


NOTE: All the screen doors displayed on this page are aluminium safety screen door designs not security doors. Our security
door range are Clear Breeze stainless steelClear Breeze privacy, Clear Breeze Steel & Clear breeze perforated.


Can Be Customized For Pet Doors
They can be custom-built so that a pet of three size can get in and out of the home securely and safely. So, whether you have a large dog or a couple of small cats, screen doors can still allow your pets to get outside when they want to without you having to let them out manuall

Displaying The Different Type Of Grilles

There is two selection of grille styles the standard diamond grille & Decoratvie diamond pattern grille.

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